International Plug Adapter Kit

Part # 837042

Product Description

International Plug Adapter Kit

This universal adaptor is a compact one piece unit with 4 international adaptors, and provides a child protection safety shutter, power indicator light surge protector. Allows you to use any 2 or 3 prong US wall plug in more than 175 countries. Includes the most commonly used plug adapters. Essential for any international traveler.

Includes adapters for:

  • Africa, Great Britain, Ireland
  • Europe - East and West, Middle East, parts of Africa, Asia and South America
  • Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Mainland China
  • Caribbean, South America, Tahiti, Japan, Philippines, Mexico
  • South African Type M plug adapter not included, click here to purchase

Also includes an adapter that allows you to use any standard 2 prong European plug in North/South/Central America, Caribbean and Japan.

Adapters Available Separately

Product Documentation

  • Click here to see a detailed country list and pictures of the corresponding adapters
  • Need confirmation on which plug a country uses?  Check out Wikipedia's page here.

Product may vary from image

Please Note.  South African Type M Plug Adapter not included.  See Related Products to purchase or click on link above.


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