Cell Phone-Direct Purchases

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If you are looking for a special order cellular phone, please see below...


Cellular Accessories For Less can provide cell phones without a service contract.  These are a great option when:

  • You would like to avoid the costs and commitment of a new service contract with a US carrier
  • You need a phone that can be used with an international service provider
  • You need a used or refurbished phone to reduce costs

Please Note: If you are willing to sign a new contract, you will get a lower price on the phone by going through the service provider because they subsidize the cost of new devices based on the revenue generated by the service fees.

Due to the large number of devices available and the frequent changes in cost and availability, we do not list any models on our website.  However, if you email the following details to sales@cellularforless.com, we can send you pricing on the best options available.

1) Make and Model
2) Desired service provider
3) Quantity
4) Condition (New, refurbished, used)
5) Urgency - Do you have any deadlines?
6) Any other relevant details
7) Your phone number or email address

Please note the following terms for wireless phone purchases.

1) We can only exchange defects within 3 days of receipt
2) We cannot accept returns for credit
3) Please allow at least 1 business day for shipment