Simplify Your Life with Logitech

Jan 7th 2021

 It's a new year, and you deserve a major mouse upgrade. Don't worry, we've got you covered.






Staying Healthy in 2021

Jan 7th 2021

 Don't forget to stock up on these items!






Why Does My Back Hurt? ...and Other Posture Issues.

Dec 24th 2020

 Fix your posture without sacrificing style.






Welcoming the New MacBook Air and Pro

Dec 8th 2020

We are pretty excited about the M1 chip and these new accessories!





Great Google Pixel 5 Accessories

Dec 8th 2020

Don't forget to accessorize your snazzy new Pixel 5!






Your New Favorite Huddle Room Gadget

Dec 8th 2020

The one stop shop for improving the sound and resolution of video conferences.





No Cables, No Problem!

Nov 24th 2020
Hop on the wireless charging bandwagon with one of our many Qi chargers.


iPhone 12 fans... Here’s something you need to know.

Oct 30th 2020

If you're getting an iPhone 12, read this.






Apple October Event Recap

Oct 30th 2020

Missed the announcement? This will get you caught up to speed!






Upgrade to Evolve2

Oct 29th 2020

 Check out Jabra's latest and greatest line.






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