2018 Stylus Guide

May 7th 2018
2018 Stylus guide: a stylus for every occasion, device and need. Take a look at some great options.


iPad 6th Generation 2018 Specs

May 7th 2018
The latest inside scoop on the new iPad 6th Generation 2018. Much of the same with a slight nod to added functionality.





Portable Power - Suffering From Low Battery Anxiety?

May 7th 2018
Portable power is now a necessity given the busy lifestyle we all lead. See great options here to stay powered up wherever you may be.



Brand Your Products for VIP Customer & Employee Promotions!

Mar 27th 2018
Looking for a great way to brand your products for VIP Customers or Employee Appreciation? Look no further.


Did You Get the Memo? Tablets Are Replacing Laptops

Mar 26th 2018
For years, tablets and laptops have competed for the attention of businesses and consuemrs in an attempt to be the most prefered device.




Great Earbuds, Headsets & Wireless Listening!

Mar 26th 2018
Whether you're looking for an earpice for work, earbuds for distraction-free driving, or the ability to be on-the-move but still connected to your ecosphere, there is something for you.




Jabra Evolve 75e UC Wireless Earbuds

Mar 23rd 2018

Engineered to be the world’s first professional UC-certified wireless earbuds. The three-microphone technology creates a unique talk-zone, making sure you’re heard, while other nearby voices are filtered out. With an around-the-neck, wireless earbud design.




Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ Release, Specs & Accessories

Mar 8th 2018
With Samsung's official release date for the Galaxy S9 / S9+ just a few days away, the early reviews are coming in and so far they are overwhelmingly positive.



Tech Steps Up for Puerto Rico

Oct 12th 2017

The post-hurricane problems in Puerto Rico are well known.  With 80% of people lacking cell reception, Google’s parent, Alphabet has stepped up with its project Loon.

Hands-Free Driving Accessories & Distracted Driving Laws

Oct 11th 2017

Hands-free solutions have become a very important part of our everyday lives.  As technology captures more and more of our attention, it's important to be able to have proper line of sight to what is happening in front of us.

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