Kensington 4-in-1 International Plug Adapter


Product Description

Kensington 4-in-1 International Plug Adapter

Kensington Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter includes electrical outlet plugs utilized within 150 countries. Compact and lightweight design allows you to travel the world with all the necessities and the convenience of home. Compliant with all 110V through 240V devices. Great for all notebook computers, PDAs, cellular phones, MP3 players, cameras and other electronic devices.

Product Features

  • Allows you to use any of the 4 standard plug types (including the US plug) in over 150 countries
  • Single compact unit has all four of the most common plug configurations to eliminate the need for multiple adapters
  • Press buttons to slide out the appropriate plug depending on which outlet type the country uses
  • Light and compact: Its unique design eliminates bulky conversion kits
  • Fuse protection protects from harmful power surges
  • Not for use with hair dryers or similar high powered devices (irons, curlers, etc.)
  • Important Note: This adapter allows US wall plugs to fit into foreign outlets but it does not convert the voltage. Most wall chargers will convert the voltage - it needs to have a range up to 240V. Be sure to check the specifications before use, usually written on the head of the wall plug. If the range does not go up to 240V, you will need a voltage converter.
  • Please note: This charger does not accept 3-prong US plugs.

Includes adapters for:

  • Euro, UK, USA and AUS type sockets
  • Europe, Middle East, parts of Africa, Asia and Caribbean
  • North/South/Central America, Caribbean and Japan
  • Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and China
  • Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore and parts of Great Britain/Ireland
  • South African Type M plug adapter not included, click here to purchase


  • Weight: 0.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 2.25"L X 2.0"H X 1.875"W
  • T – 2.5 A; 110V – max. 275W; 220V – max. 550W
  • Includes spare fuse

Product Documentation

  • Click here to see a detailed country list and pictures of the corresponding adapters
  • Need confirmation on which plug a country uses?  Check out Wikipedia's page here.

Please Note.  South African Type M Plug Adapter not included.  See Related Products to purchase or click on link above.