HyperGear Rapid Car Charger 4 USB-A Ports

(2 x 5W + 2 x 12W)
Part # HYP14269

Product Description

HyperGear Rapid Car Charger 4 USB-A Ports

The High-Power Quad USB Car Charger delivers colossal performance from a pocket-sized device. Perfect for power-heavy mobile lifestyles, it features 4 USB ports with an incredible 6.8A combined output. It can rapid charge as many as four devices simultaneously! Say goodbye to bulky chargers that barely fit into your console, the compact and lightweight Quad is designed with a low-profile. Available in rose gold, gold, and silver finishes, as well as classic black and white, this eye-catching accessory is a sleek way to power up on the go.


  • 4 USB Ports
  • Incredible 6.8A Output
  • Tablet Compatible
  • Smart Chip Technology
  • Low Profile, Modern Design
  • 5 Bold Color Options
  • Chrome Accented Stability Grips
  • LED Power Indicator


  • Circuitry: Split
  • Charge rate:
    • Maximum total charge rate: 6800 mA (FAQ: What does "mA" mean?)
      • Port 1: 5W / 1000 mA
      • Port 2: 5W / 1000 mA
      • Port 3: 12W / 2400 mA
      • Port 4: 12W / 2400 mA


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