Scosche 12W Car Charger With 2 USB-A Ports

(12W + 12W)
by Scosche
Part # USBC242M

Product Description

Scosche 12W Car Charger With 2 USB-A Ports

reVOLT is the world’s smallest yet most powerful car charger for USB powered devices.  Each of the 2 USB ports are illuminated and packs 12 Watts (2400 mAh) of power to charge two iPads at once.  reVOLT is low-profile and lightweight - perfect for any vehicle's power socket.  


  • Dual 12 Watt (2.4A) USB ports can rapidly charge two devices at once
  • 12 Watts provides the fastest charge possible
  • Low-profile design
  • Power-on LED light
  • Illuminated USB port plugging
  • Also works with portable speakers, Bluetooth headsets, GPS devices, digital cameras, most smartphones* and most tablets*




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