Wagan PowerCup Charging Adapter - DC to 4 USB and 1 DC

by Wagan
Part # 2886

Product Description

Wagan PowerCup 6.2

The Wagan PowerCup 6.2 provides you and your companions with 4-USB ports (2x 1.0A and 2x 2.1A ports) and a DC socket. The shape of the PowerCup 6.2 lends itself to ease of use; just place in a cup holder, plug in the DC cord and you are ready to deliver power to all of your electronic accessories.


  • 4-USB power ports
  • Maintains your original 12V DC power option (up to 6A)
  • Modern design and styling
  • Fits into cup holder (It's cup shaped!)
  • 32” long power cord with 10A fused protection
  • Can charge iPad, iPhones, Android, laptops, GPS, and other electronic devices
  • Venting on lid to keep device cool


  • Dimensions WxLxH (in.): 2.8 x 3.0 x 3.8
  • Weight: 0.4 lbs
  • DC Input: 12V
  • DC Output: 12V
  • USB Output: 5V, 2x 2.1A and 2x 1.0A (6.2A total)
  • Fuse Protection: 10A