PhoneSuit Energy Core Battery Pack with USB-C and Dual USB-A Ports

(10,000 mAh)
Part # PS-ECORE-10KV3

Product Description

Phonesuit Energy Core Battery Pack with USB-C and Dual USB-A Ports (10,000 mAh)(White)

PhoneSuit's tailor-made high-density lithium-ion 10,000 mAh battery pack, combined with an advanced chipset and electronics, ensures a reliable power supply for your extensive mobile device usage. With the potential to offer up to 600% additional power, the PhoneSuit caters to the demands of professional power users, providing extended talk time, seamless communication, and uninterrupted operation of your preferred applications.


Model No: PS-ECORE-10KV3
Model Name: PhoneSuit Energy Core Battery Pack
UPC: 850029614098
Battery Capacity: High Density 10000 mAh
Output (max): 5V @ 2.1A x 2
Input: 5V @ 2A
Size MM: L 80 x W 55 x H 20 mm
Weight: 6.9 oz
Talk: Up to 70 hours talk time
Video: Up to 60 hours video time
Music: Up to 240 hours music time
USB-C Cable: Included (White)
USB-A Output Ports: x2 Integrated – 10W
USB-C Output & Input Ports: Integrated – 15W
Max Output: 15W
Materials: Polycarbonate Composite, Textured Design