Arkon Mega Grip Adhesive / Screw Phone Mount

by Arkon
Part # SM428

Product Description

Arkon Mega Grip Adhesive / Screw Phone Mount

Arkon’s multi-angle adhesive or screw mount for cars and trucks can be used with all iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones.

The universal design of the Mega Grip holder accommodates any smartphone having up to 3.25” width with no height restrictions, making it compatible even when used with a large protective case or skin. This mount package includes Arkon’s Mega Grip one-touch push-button holder and multi-angle adhesive dashboard mount. The adhesive mount sticks onto the car dash or console, providing a semi-permanent bond. Use the optional self-tapping screws for an even more permanent solution.


  • Provides a convenient place to hold your wireless device in your vehicle and protects it from being damaged while driving
  • Mounts to your dash or other convenient location with powerful adhesive or screws
  • Multi-angle pedestal can be adjusted to the optimal viewing angle
  • Adjustable side grip arms with foam pads offer a secure fit for nearly all devices

* Drilling into the dash, floor, or console could permanently damage the vehicle. Use caution and consult a mobile install professional to avoid drilling into the gas tank, electrical system, or other highly sensitive vehicle components.