Naztech Turbo PB6 Portable Charger With 6 USB Ports

by Naztech
Part # NAZ13493

Product Description

Naztech Portable Charger With 6 USB Ports

The Naztech Turbo PB6 Power Bank delivers the best charge possible to up to six devices simultaneously! Featuring Smart Chip Technology, the PB6 communicates with your devices to provide them with the most rapid charge possible, up to an unprecedented 8A! The Turbo PB6 shatters records with a huge 12500mAh capacity; allowing it to recharge up to six iPhones from being drained to a full charge at the same time! It regulates power both effectively and seamlessly using high-capacity MOSFETs normally found in high-end ultrabooks that provide you with every type of industry protection possible! Charge on-the-go with the Naztech Turbo PB6 Power Bank, the world's most powerful power bank yet!

Products Features

  • True 8A/40W Output
  • 12500mAh of Power
  • High-Density Li-Polymer Battery
  • 6 Smart Chips for Optimized Charging
  • 3A Input for 300% Faster Recharge
  • Dual MOSFETs for the Safest Power Regulation
  • Dimensions: 4.33" x 3.27" x 1.3"
  • Weight: 306g


  • Battery capacity: 12500mAh
  • Circuitry: Shared
    • Port 1: 2000 mA (FAQ: What does "mA" mean?)
    • Port 2: 1000 mA
    • Port 3: 1000 mA
    • Port 4: 2000 mA
    • Port 5: 1000 mA
    • Port 6: 1000 mA