Bluelounge Sumo Desktop Cable Holder

Part # SO-WH

Product Description

Bluelounge Sumo Desktop Cable Holder

A heavyweight for small cables, Sumo uses high-tech Japanese micro-suction and its weighty frame to hold cables in place and keep connectors from slipping behind or under desks and workspaces.

Reclaim your dignity and stop scrambling under your desk or behind your nightstand to get your cables that have slipped away. Keep them in place with Sumo. We promise, less time on all fours and more face time with the people that count - you'll see, Sumo is worth its weight in gold.


  • Micro-Suction: Sumo is made with high-tech Japanese Micro-Suction, a series of tiny suction cups that adhere to any hard, smooth, flat surface without leaving behind a residue.
  • Cable Routing: Two channels beneath Sumo help route cables and prevent connector ends from slipping through.
  • Materials: Contains an iron block inside for the weight, micro suction pads are imported from Japan.
  • Recommended for use on smooth flat surfaces. Use caution when removing micro-suction from finished surfaces, lift slowly starting at one corner and move gradually.
  • Care Instructions: Micro-suction never wears out, simply take a piece of packing tape and remove dust particles from Micro-Suction similar to how you would remove lint from a sweater.
  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 2.25 x 1 in

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