Mobile Holder With Non-Skid Friction Dashboard Mount

Part # 846086

Product Description

Mobile Holder With Non-Skid Friction Dashboard Mount


  • Provides a convenient place to hold your wireless device in your vehicle and protects it from being damaged while driving
  • Non-Skid Friction Dashboard Mount is easy to install without any screws or adhesive - the weight and anti-skid material keeps it in place while driving
  • The Mobile Holder attaches to the center plate of the Non-Skid Friction Dashboard Mount with a suction cup and/or adhesive safety hook
  • Easily transfers from one vehicle to another
  • Adjustable holder can swivel to an optimal viewing angle
  • Adjustable side grip arms with foam pads offer a secure fit for nearly all devices
  • Push button release mechanism opens the grip arms
  • Split leg design allows easy connection to car charger
  • Compatible with cases, skins, and other device protectors
  • Depth of cradle is 1”
  • Side grip arms open to 3.15” and close to 1.77”
  • Formerly SM312, 811370