Macally 4 Port USB Hub with AC Charger

by Macally
Part # TRIHUB4

Product Description

Macally 4 Port USB Hub with AC Charger

The TriHub 4-Port Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hub for Mac & PC from Macally turns one USB 2.0 port into four. This is a great choice for users who are tired of constantly swapping out cables to connect their multiple USB devices. The hub even includes an AC adapter to allow it to work with multiple USB devices that normally draw power from your computer. This integrated solution is ideal for anyone who needs to expand their computer's USB capabilities

Note: To charge iPhones with this device you must have the TriHub plugged into both a computer USB port and an AC outlet.


  • Expandability: The hub allows you to expand your USB connections. Users often need to connect external drives, iPods, digital video cameras, memory card readers and other external devices to their computer via USB connections. Adding a hub will allow you to quickly make these connections without constantly swapping cables.
  • Hot Swappable: USB devices are often hot swappable. This hub fully supports that capability, allowing you to connect and disconnect devices without powering down your computer.
  • Self Powered: An AC adapter is included to power the hub, allowing you to provide ample power to your external devices when they are connected to your computer.


  • Sync and charge up to four devices simulataneously
  • Add four USB ports to your computer or laptop
  • USB-out cable is hardwired into the device
  • DC jack for included AC adapter
  • Adhesive pads included to mount the device on a computer or under a desk
  • USB 2.0
  • 2.25" Height x 5.5" Width x 7.25" Depth
  • Charge rate: 2000 mA total (FAQ: What does "mA" mean?)
    • Port 1: 500 mA
    • Port 2: 500 mA 
    • Port 3: 500 mA 
    • Port 4: 500 mA 

USB charging cables are not included. Visit your phone or tablet page to purchase a USB charge/sync cable to use with the TriHub.