Surge Products 20W Wall Power Adapter With Dual Port USB-C and USB-A

(20W Power Delivery)
Part # SP2717877

Product Description

Nervous about which charger to carry for your devices?

Here is the solution regardless of which USB cable type you have. The 20W 2-port wall USB C/A charger for smartphones and tablets is all that you need. Efficiently save time while you charge multiple devices at once with two different ports USB-C and USB-A. Its compact and durable body easily fits into a purse or pocket and the stylish design looks great with your other accessories. This charger will keep your phone or tablet ready to go in the office, at home, or on the go. 


  • Reduced size allows easy storage
  • Charge up to two devices at once 
  • Quick charge: 3.0
  • Input voltage and current: 100-240V/0.6A
  • Output Power: 20W
  • Includes one USB-A port and one USB-C port*
  • Ships in reduced-wasted packaging
  • Learn more about USB-C power delivery here
  • Learn more about our Eco-friendly Initiative here

* Cable sold separately / please see Related Products


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