PowerDash 5 Devices Desktop Charging Hub and Stand

Part # 545825

Product Description

PowerDash 5 Devices Desktop Charging Hub and Stand

The ultimate desktop companion. This charging hub eliminates the hassle of climbing under your desk by bringing the AC outlets and USB charging ports to you. This simple, all-in-one charging solution provides two surge-protected 120 VAC outlets and three USB ports. The hub also features a built-in stand to hold multiple devices, allowing you to multitask as they charge. Cables sold separately.


  • Store and charge five devices simultaneously
  • 2 device stand compatible with most cases
  • Charge up to 3 devices at once via the three USB ports
  • 1 dedicated rapid charge USB port at 2.4A
  • 2 surge protected AC outlets
  • Surge protection and grounded LED lights
  • Charges handsets, tablets, and other USB devices
  • Internal 900 mAh battery, microUSB charging cable included
  • Short circuit and temperature protection
  • Cables sold separately

PLEASE NOTE! USB Charging Cables are not included with the Charging Hub because they are usually included with the cell phone / tablet.  If you need more, you can find them in the Chargers section on your device's accessory page.