Surge Products Premium Braided 4-in-1 USB Sync & Charge Cable

(Black) (6-foot)

Product Description

Surge Products Premium Braided USB Sync & Charge Cable - 4-in-1 (PD) USB-C/A to USB-C/Lightning (Black) (6-foot)

Introducing the Surge Products Premium Braided 4in1 USB Sync & Charge Cable. This high-quality cable provides fast data syncing and reliable charging for all your Lightning and USB-C devices. Its durable and tangle-free braided design ensures longevity, while the included leatherette button strap helps keep it organized. The reinforced connectors add to its durability, making it a reliable choice for your sync and charging needs. You can do C to Lightning, A to Lightning, A to C, and C to C charging in one easy-to-use cable. Stay connected and powered up with the Surge Products Premium Braided 4in1 USB Sync & Charge Cable. 


  • USB Sync & Charge cable
  • Connector: USB-C/A to USB-C/Lightning
  • Length: 6-foot (approx. 2 meters)
  • Transfer Speed: USB 2.0, up to 480 Mbps (60MB/s)
  • Power Output: up to 3A/60W
  • Braided design for durability and tangle-free use
  • Reinforced connectors for enhanced durability
  • Includes a leatherette button strap for convenient organization
  • Color: Black

Ships in reusable packaging