PhoneSuit Energy Core Wireless Fast Charger & Desktop Stand

Part # PS-WIRSTD-03

Product Description

PhoneSuit Wireless Fast Charger & Desktop Stand

The Energy Core Wireless Stand is a compact wireless power solution for your smartphones, tablets and more. Utilizing the latest in wireless technology, it features compatibility with the Qi Wireless Standard and high output 10 Watt Fast Charge support. The PhoneSuit Energy Core’s versatility makes it the perfect companion for charging wirelessly when at home or on travel.


  • Smart Power Management delivers up to 10 Watt & 7.5 Watt wireless charging speed to your compatible device
  • Built-in safety components protects your device from overheating
  • Dual wireless coils provide superior output coverage allowing you to charge your device at various positions on the stand
  • The high quality soft rubber layer gives a luxurious feel & provides charging pad stability
  • Includes: USB-A to USB-C charging cable (wall adapter sold separately)
Please note: any accessory requiring a magnet plate may impede the phone's ability to wirelessly charge.  As this differs based upon the brand and magnets being used, please inquire should you have any questions:


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