Monster Clarity Speakers: Conferencing and Music Solutions in HD

Apr 28th 2011

The Monster ClarityHD Bluetooth Wireless Speakers / Speakerphone is a portable sound system for HD-quality music that doubles as a conferencing solution for your home or office. Forget about pesky cords and cables when you can wirelessly stream business conferences and your favorite music and podcasts seamlessly.


Hands-free Driving Laws: Use a Hands-free Device or Pay the Price

Apr 25th 2011

Police across the country have a warning for motorists talking on handheld cell phones or text messaging while driving: Use a handsfree device or pay the price. Last month California Highway Patrol personnel increased patrols targeting and ticketing all drivers caught using their cell phones without a hands-free device while driving.


It’s time to make a play: Blackberry PlayBook Released April 19th

Apr 25th 2011

BlackBerry users rejoice! The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is built to bridge with your smartphone to connect all of your business and media essentials to a pixel-packed 7-inch LCD screen. Already own one? Accessorize your PlayBook today with original Blackberry and after market accessories from CAFL at competitive pricing!

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