Logitech Rally Bar All-In-One Video Bar for Medium To Large Rooms

Part # 960-001308

Product Description

Logitech Rally Bar All-In-One Video Bar (Graphite) for Medium To Large Rooms

Designed to bring boardroom-quality conferencing to medium-sized rooms, the graphite colored Rally Bar from Logitech is a stylish solution, easy to set up and use, but packed with features that make for better connections between participants in different rooms.

It features an integrated UHD 4K camera that has 4x digital zoom plus pan and tilt functions. A second camera, the AI Viewfinder, can keep track of the number of people in the room and controls the main camera to adjust for people leaving and entering. Six beamforming microphones and three speakers provide audio.

The Rally Bar is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Google Meet, or RingCentral and can be used in standalone mode connected to your network, or when connected to a computer via USB. You can place the Rally Bar Mini on a tabletop or mount it above or below your main screen.

Simple to Use

Start your meeting with just one touch, seamlessly connecting the Rally Bar to your preconfigured room solution. It accommodates many small rooms or huddle spaces, starting with a 15' mic pickup range (varies by environment) and the option to add up to two Rally mic pods (not included).

Stay Focused

Using AI, human perception, and motorized pan and tilt, the Rally Bar adapts to meeting dynamics and keeps the camera on the action.

AI-Driven Insights

Track room usage data from the Logitech Sync Dashboard, captured by AI Viewfinder's people count function.


The Rally Bar's advanced audio engineering delivers rich, natural sound and makes sure every voice is clearly heard. Auto-level loud and soft voices—while suppressing unwanted noise—with AI-based RightSound technology that improves over time. Beamforming microphones allow the Rally Bar to focus on the active talker.

In The Box

Logitech Rally Bar All-in-One Video Bar (Graphite)

Power Supply

AC Power Cord

HDMI Cable

USB Cable

Remote Control

Lens Caps for Main Camera and AI Viewfinder