DURACELL PowerSource 660

Part # DR660PSS

Product Description

DURACELL PowerSource 660

The DURACELL PowerSource 660 is a powerful, high capacity battery pack that is designed to power your favorite devices anytime. It's ideal as an emergency power supply but is also extremely useful for outdoor use.


  • Provides 660 Watt Hours of clean reliable battery power without the smoke, gas and noise associated with the traditional gas powered generators
  • Allows you to keep critical devices powered up until power is restored
  • Keeps your devices charged in the most remote locations
  • Passes power directly from the wall to any connected devices, immediately switching to internal battery power if wall power is cut
  • Instant "ON" UPS feature for uninterrupted power
  • Built-in handles for easy transport
  • AC input for 10-hour recharging
  • Threaded terminals for secure connection to additional batteries
  • Built-in solar controller for easy recharging


  • 660 Watt battery capacity (12V, 55Ah)
  • 4 AC outlets for powering household items
  • 2 USB ports for on-the-go power
  • LCD power display
  • 1 12V DC Outlet
  • 22.4" x 50.6" x 32.6"