PhoneSuit Portable Charger With Built-in Micro & Lightning Cables, USB-A Port & USB-C

(3,500 mAh)
Part # PS-JOURN-35-GBL

Product Description

PhoneSuit Portable Charger With Built-in Micro & Lightning Cables, USB-A Port & USB-C Connector

The PhoneSuit Journey All-In-One Charger caters to all of your mobile charging needs in one single device. Integrating a powerful battery, Lightning cable, Micro-USB cable and AC wall charger in an ultra-thin profile. The Journey easily fits in your pocket, purse or bag for wherever you may take it. 

PhoneSuit's custom High density lithium-ion 3500 mAh Battery cell coupled with an advanced chipset & electronics can deliver the power you need for your iPhone, Smartphone, Tablets, Bluetooth headsets, speakers and more. The PhoneSuit Journey can provide up to 200% additional Smartphone power depending on the device. More time to talk, chat and run your favorite Apps.

The Journey covers all over your charging needs. Don't worrying about carrying extra cables, batteries or wall adapters. The Journey has everything you need in an ultra-slim design.

Product Features

  • 3500mAh Li-Ion battery cell with advanced chipset can deliver up to 200% extra charge
  • Slim and foldable AC wall adapter is designed to make travel simple by combining all of your charging needs into one simple solution
  • Apple Lightning cable is built-in to charge your iPhone, iPod or iPad
  • Micro-USB Cable Integrated for charging your smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth, speakers and more
  • USB-C connector


  • Battery capacity: 3500 mAh
  • Circuitry: Split
  • Charge rate
  • Use a cable for devices that do not have a micro-USB or Lightning charge port (sold separately)



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