Jabra BIZ 1500 USB Duo Noise-Canceling Headset

by Jabra
Part # 1559-0159

Product Description

Jabra BIZ 1500 USB Duo Noise-Canceling Headset

The Jabra BIZ 1500 is an entry level, low cost professional corded headset built for cost conscious contact centers. With noise cancellation technology, background noise is reduced providing a more professional customer experience on every call.

Product Features:

  • Noise-Canceling Microphone: Noise-cancelling microphones reduce unwanted background noise and are ideal in crowded and noisy open working environments.
  • Crystal Clear Sound: Digital Signal Processing (DSP) reduces background noise, removes echo, and protects the user against sudden high peaks in volume.
  • Jabra Spin Boom Arm: 270˚ degree boom arm for easy adjustment without breaking.
  • HD Audio: Enjoy high-definition sound with HD Voice and get crystal-clear communication.
  • Jabra Xpress: Jabra Xpress is a web-based solution that lets you remotely deploy software, firmware, and settings for an infinite number of Jabra USB headsets.
  • PeakStop: PeakStop instantly removes any harmful loud sounds by keeping the sound level in the safe range to protect your hearing.
  • Simple Call Management: Intuitive control unit for greater call control.
  • Jabra Software Applications: Customize your settings with Jabra’s software applications and get full integration and remote call control with the latest generation of softphones.
  • Foam Ear Cushions: Keeps ears cool, built for all day comfort.

Product Documentation: