BlueLounge Cableyoyo Magnetic Earbud/Cable Management

Part # CY10-DGR

Product Description

BlueLounge Cableyoyo Earbud/Cable Management

Cableyoyo is an earbud cord spool with a magnetic center to keep earphones tidy and tangle-free while enabling quick winding and unwinding. Can also be used for small cables.

* Cords & cables shown in photos not included.


  • Quick Unwind: Cableyoyo winds and unwinds earbuds in a matter of seconds (or less). Simply place your finger in the center of the spool, pull, and your earbuds are ready to rock.
  • Magnetic Center: The magnetic center grasps and holds earphones to prevent tangling.
  • Slim Design: Makes Cableyoyo the ideal accessory to pop in a bag, drawer or keep earbuds neatly managed on your desk.
  • Other sku: CY10-LGR


  • Color: Light Grey
  • Materials: Soft silicone rubber outer and magnet center
  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 0.68 in


All types of earbuds and smaller peripheral charging cables.