Wacky Wireless News: The New 2G Light Phone Ventures to Counter Cell Phone Addiction

Posted on Jul 21st 2017

Cell phones have come a long way since being introduced decades ago. Initially, they were just used to make and receive calls (remember that?), but have morphed into becoming a major part of our everyday lives. With that, however, there are those who believe we've become addicted to our phones on a level never imagined and we should do something to cut the umbilical cord.

A few companies have launched new phones designed to do just that; take us back to the beginning when phones were only used for making and receiving calls. As one writer from MIT Tech Review put it, "After a little while, I found that walking without my smartphone actually freed me up to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city around me, rather than burying my face in a screen." And, that is exactly what the founders intended. The phone sits on a 2G network, so calls won't have amazing quality and you will have to use it to speak because there is no texting function. Then again, you'll be freed up to enjoy your surroundings, if you're into that sort of thing.

We call this wacky wireless, but some call it the future of disconnecting.