Wacky (Pet) Products from CES 2019

Posted on Jan 15th 2019

CES 2019 was filled with amazing products that push the boundaries of technology and offer us a glimpse into the future.

Often times that glimpse is humorous because someone has come up with a product or technology we never imagined.

This year we took a look at pet products and the wacky advancements creative, technological minds have conjured up.


      Petcube Bites 2 -- The Wi-Fi-enabled Bites 2 has a 180-degree field of view, two-way audio and supports Amazon Alexa voice commands. Petcube says its updated camera is smaller than before so it should fit into a room more seamlessly. It also claims to have an "updated treat flinging mechanism" to accommodate different types of treats.          

LavvieBot -- After your cat does their business in the LavvieBot, a rake on the inside gently and quietly removes clumps without breaking them apart in the process. You can set different timed intervals for the box to clean the bed. Waste is kept in a bag-lined drawer which only needs to be emptied once every two weeks.

The accompanying PurrSong app connects to the LavvieBot to track litter box use and changes to your cat's weight. It can even differentiate between multiple cats. Another feature is the ability to receive a text when your cat has used the LavvieBot.

Pepe Dog Dryer -- No one likes a wet dog. Drying them with a towel isn't always enough and the noise from a hair dryer can be traumatizing. But nestled in the back of Eureka Park at CES 2019, the Korean company Pepe (person plus pet equals Pepe) has an interesting solution: a pet dryer.

Larger than a mini-fridge, the Pepe pet dryer can dry a small dog in about 25 minutes. To use it, put your drenched pet inside the dryer, close the door and set the temperature. Warm air circulates around slowly drying your furry companion. A representative from Pepe says that dogs usually sleep during the process.

Dog Robot -- The Laika is about the size of a butternut squash. It has a cylindrical shape with a wheel in the back like a tricycle. There is a camera so you can see what your dog is doing. A microphone and speaker let you talk to your dog and hear him, too. And, Laika has what is bound to be your dog's favorite feature: a treat launcher.

You can use an app to see and hear your dog at any time. You can even drive it around to play with your pup. Laika also has an autonomous mode. It uses a quarter-size tracker that attaches to your dog's collar to find and engage with your dog until you return.
  Mookkie Pet Bowl -- A smart pet bowl with facial recognition. No, really. It works with both cats and dogs and is programmed to visually recognize your pet so nobody else can eat from the bowl. Tired of your roommates stealing your cat’s succulent canned turkey & chicken? No problem! Mookkie only opens the dispenser when it correctly identifies your pet.