Tech Steps Up for Puerto Rico

Posted on Oct 12th 2017

The post-hurricane problems in Puerto Rico are well known.  With 80% of people lacking cell reception, Google’s parent, Alphabet has stepped up with its project Loon.  The project consists of high altitude balloons that rise to a height of above 60,000 feet while simultaneously transmitting signals directly to LTE-enabled devices that are routed through a local carrier.  The FCC has issued the license to Google to provide this emergency cellular service to the island.  Time frames have not been defined yet, but based on the challenges that currently exist, the sooner the better for Puerto Rico.

Additionally, Tesla has brought in employees to the territory who are assisting with the installation and training for the use of hundreds of their Powerwall battery systems.

Add Facebook to this growing list of tech companies stepping up to help the island and it’s very clear that the tech community has so much to offer to those in need.

A huge thank you to these companies & others offering assistance!