OtterBox Frustration Free Packaging

Posted on Aug 14th 2017

Here's how Frustration Free Packaging from OtterBox could make your life easier:

Sometimes you have a device roll-out and your team has to spend extra time getting their product out of the retail packaging. Industrial scissors and ten minutes later they've broken through what must be the strongest plastic in the galaxy.

This is where OtterBox Frustration Free Packaging (sometimes referred to as ProPack) helps. Send as many OtterBox cases as needed in this (lack of) packaging to your team and reduce hours spent unpackaging. Saves the scissors too!

OtterBox Frustration Free Packaging for the new iPads is currently available! Many of the frustration free OtterBox items are listed by part number and can be found via our search feature.

If you have either of the new 2017 iPads below you can simply click on the image to see the Frustration Free Packaging page.

If you wish to benefit from OtterBox Frustration Free Packaging please contact us at 310-220-2250 or email at and we'd be happy to help!