Gadget Guard Removable Privacy Screen Protectors

Posted on Aug 14th 2017

Our phones & tablets consistently display our most sensitive information. Whether that information be personal or business, it's always good to ensure you're properly protecting it from prying eyes. This could be at the airport, out in public, in your office or anywhere people may be able to see your device.

With Gadget Guard Removable Privacy Guard screen protectors you can not only protect your sensitive information, but also remove the screen protector if you don't wish to use it any longer. Wondering how many times you can remove and reattach? Gadget Guard tested these screen protectors hundreds of times, so more than you could ever use them over the life of your device.

Protect your information, remove when no longer needed and reapply when the time is right with Gadget Guard.

With a wide variety of options existing, please review the list below and also check our site for your make and model to see all options of privacy screens.


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