Charging Carts Can Transform Your Device Charging

Posted on Jul 24th 2018

Supercharge your device charging!

Some organizations share devices and need to keep them charged and ready to go.  This can often by tricky.  Have you ever tried to find a convenient place to plug in multiple devices overnight?  It can be risky leaving assets unattended.  Then you have all of the chargers, cords and power strips. 

Furthermore, the Felix Unger (neat freak) in us can be ratteld to the core.  As an alternative, charging carts keep products organized, resemble small filing cabinets and allow you to lock everything in place to ensure their safe keeping.

Whether you’re looking to secure 5 devices or 30 plus, there are options for every need and budget.

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We’ve highlighted a few popular carts below.  These carts house tablets, laptops, mobile phones or chromebooks.

12-Tablet Lockable
Charging Cart
18-Tablet Lockable
Charging Cart
24-Device Lockable
Charging Cart
30-Device Lockable
Charging Cart
32-Device Lockable
Charging Cart
Weight: 72 lbs  | Under $400 Weight: 86 lbs  | Under $450 Weight: 80 lbs  | Under $575 Weight: 93 lbs  | Under $675 Weight: 111 lbs  | Under $800