Charge Your Device With the Sun

Posted on Jul 20th 2017

Solar power isn't just for your home or business; it's also for your mobile devices. Whether your disaster recovery kit needs to be updated or your team is outdoors without access to a plug, this is the perfect companion. If you find yourself traveling to a destination you're unsure has electricity or inside an office / home, solar kits for your devices enable you to harness the power of the sun to keep your devices fully charged and operational at all times.

For products, such as the GoalZero Venture 30, nine hours in the sun gives you at least six full charges of your phone or three charges of two different phones simultaneously.  Generally, most people don't charge their phones from 0 to 100%, so it is likely you'll be able to charge your phone more often than the times listed here if you generally charge at 25% or above.

These products are compatible with any device (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, etc...) as long as your charging cable has a USB-A connection at one end. Additionally, all are small enough to travel with.

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