2019: Year of the 5G Network & Foldable Phablets

Posted on Jan 15th 2019

5G is definitely here and will be coming to many devices in 2019. 

While no official announcements have been made in regards to which device will be the first to 5G, the Samsung Galaxy S10, slated to launch on February 20, should have 5G capability sometime in Q2 of 2019. 

The 2019 Q1 & Q2 calendar of device releases is as follows:


      Samsung Flex
This is the Samsung device shown at the 2018 developer’s conference and rumored to be seeing release in Q1 2019.  This device will be a true phablet, folded down to be a phone and folded out to be a tablet.  Two separate devices within the same construct of one unit.
  Samsung Galaxy S10
This device is rumored to have 3 different variations, much like Apple’s iPhone did with its latest release.  This will include the S10 Lite, S10 & S10 Plus (names are officially TBD).  Announcement date is February 20th 2019 and this is likely to be when the Samsung Flex will be revealed as well.
  LG G8 ThinQ
LG will stick with the ThinQ name that has worked well for them in 2018.  The rumor currently sits at the G8 ThinQ not having 5G connectivity, but improved specs from the G7 ThinQ.
  Google Pixel 3 Lite (& XL)
This is Google’s follow-up to its Pixel 3 lineup of 2018 and a more focused approach to offering an economical smartphone option from the company.  Current rumor sits at both a regular Lite and an XL version.
  Motorola G7 (& Plus)
Here, Motorola is updating the camera on the rear of the phone to now offer a double-camera, run on Android 9.0 and potentially feature a fingerprint reader.

Devices are unknown, but rumors are heating up for AirPods 2 & AirPower for the first half of 2019, so keep an eye out! 

Look forward to a future update highlighting 2019 Q3 & Q4 device releases!