Satellite Phones


Satellite Phones allow for convenient and reliable communication around the world.  When cellular and landline services are not available, Satellite Phones are an ideal solution for keeping in touch with family, friends, and business associates.  For detailed information of the different handsets available, please use the links at the bottom of this page.  Need help deciding which Phone or Service Plan is best for you?  Check out some of the phone features and service plans below.  Still unsure?  Contact us at or 310-220-2250.

3 Options at a glance:




  • Coverage: Covers all of the Americas and Europe but does not work in some oceans and certain countries
  • Connection Reliability:  Excellent
  • Other Benefits: Fastest data speeds, smallest and lightest handset, U.S.-based phone number
  • Handset Price: Least expensive
  • **Shipping Note** Globalstar charges a $30 flat overnight shipping fee for all products whether it's one item or many.
  • Service Agreement Form  Please fill out this form and email to or fax to (310)220-2257
  • Service Plan Rates
  • *Promotional Trade In Program*  Get a free handset and additional savings.
  • Home Coverage Map
    • No roaming charges for calls originating inside the home service area outlined in red
    • Calls made/received outside of the expanded home service area incure a flat $1.50 per minute charge
  • Global Coverage Map


When purchasing a satellite phone, please let us know which service plan you require. 
Leave a comment when checking out, or call us at 310-220-2250 and reference your order number.

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