Goal Zero Solar & Portable Charging


What are Solar Charging Kits?
Solar Charging Kits allow you to use the sun's rays to power all your electronic devices.  Cellular Accessories for Less provides different sized kits for your particular need.

How do they work?
A solar panel collects rays from the sun and stores that energy in the included battery so that you can power your devices anytime and anywhere.  Some solar panels allow you to charge your device directly from the panel, but since temperamental mobile device circuitry and frequent changes to direct sunlight can stop a direct charge without notice, the included portable battery creates a buffer to stabilize the process.  The battery can be charged from the solar panel as well as a traditional wall outlet or car cigarette lighter outlet.

Which kit is right for me?
The perfect kit for you depends on how fast you want your device to charge from the sun's solar rays and/or how many spare charges you want to store in the battery. The bigger the solar panel (in Watts) the faster the device will charge.  The bigger the battery (in Watt hours or mAh), the more spare charges you can store.  Some kits allow you to combine additional panels to speed up charge time or add batteries to increase your battery storage capacity.
  • Compact Kits - Are portable and perfect for powering devices with low-power needs such as smart phones, mp3 players, and small point-and-shoot cameras
  • Mid-Size Kits - Fit in most laptop bags and work well for tablets, DSLR cameras, and laptops
  • Heavy Duty Kits - Are large and have built-in inverters that will successfully power all types of appliances including TV's and small refrigerators