Emergency Preparedness

       When the lights go out, your organization must have a sound contingency plan to mitigate losses and move forward. CAFL offers a variety of key products that can help your business power back on and regain communication with customers and Emergency Medical Services.


Portable Chargers & Solar Charging Kits can restore power to everything from mobile devices, lights, computers and even some refrigerators.

  Portable Chargers Solar Charging Kits


2-Way Radios, Cradle Point Failover Routers, Satellite Phones, & Cellular to Landline Conversion help ensure all vital voice and data communication is sent and received without interruption.
2-Way Radios Cradle Point Failover Routers Satellite Phones Landline to Cellular Conversion



Thermal Imaging Cameras have recently miniaturized and become increasingly affordable. Utilizing the processing power of your iOS or Android device, these add-on cameras enable the user to visually see and measure the heat of anything around you, even from 1800 ft. away. Detect dangerous electrical shorts, gas leaks, or unconscious victims in blinding darkness, smoke or fog.

  Thermal Imaging Cameras




Pelican Watertight Ballistic Cases provide a secure location to house all your sensitive emergency equipment.  These legendary rugged cases are watertight, crushproof, and dustproof.  They have been tested in the harshest environments around the world by foreign correspondents, professional photo journalist, adventure seekers and the U.S. military.

Pelican Cases  


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