Test Drive a New Office Headset System

May 13th 2015

“I need a headset, please send me one.” Ever get that request from an employee of your company? We get them too! Suddenly you are faced with the guessing game. Which headset do they actually require?


Wacky Wireless News: Charge Your Phone Using Furniture

Apr 29th 2015

Imagine coming home after a long day on the job and setting your cell phone on the coffee table for a quick recharge - without digging for cables or rearranging chargers in outlets. Well, guess what? This technology is closer than you may think.


Wilson Electronics Rebrands to weBoost

Apr 29th 2015

Wilson Electronics, a long time leader in signal boosters, is now known as weBoost. The updated weBoost line makes it simpler than ever to boost the 4G signal in your office, home or vehicle. As a leading distributor of Wilson and the new weBoost brand, we are here to make it as simple as possible for you and your business to transition to these updated products.

CAFL’s Clients Have a Candy Crush

Apr 29th 2015

It’s no secret that we love our customers, which is why when you open your latest package of phone cases or headsets from CAFL, you’ll also find a bag of tasty treats that we hope will make your day a little sweeter. This month the CAFL team tackled the delicious task of ranking our candy selection on a scale of “mmm” to “wow”.

Mophie Desktop Docks Allow for Simple iPhone 6 Charging

Apr 28th 2015

This month, Mophie has released a line of desktop docks that will make recharging even more convenient. While Mophie cases have a standard micro USB port for recharging and syncing, they also feature built in magnetic connectors that enable frictionless charging when placed on a Mophie Juice Pack Dock. Just drop your iPhone in its Juice Pack onto the dock and charging will begin on contact – no fumbling with cables required.

Communicate the Finer Points with a Fine-Tipped Stylus

Apr 27th 2015

Pen and paper loyalists know that typing on a tablet just isn’t the same as putting ink on paper. And while tablet addicts love the simplicity of their devices, achieving pin-point accuracy with your finger isn’t always possible. We have two new innovative ultra-fine-tipped styluses in stock that are sure to please everyone.

Six Appeal: Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Cases and Chargers

Mar 24th 2015

Samsung revealed the latest installment in the Galaxy series, the Galaxy S6, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month. The tech giant also unveiled its sister device, the Galaxy S6 Edge, which features a curved edge screen for quickly accessing favorite apps and notifications.


Protect Your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Rugged Cases

Mar 24th 2015

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is considered one of the best mobile devices on the market today. Its light design and versatility enables either tablet or laptop use, so you can consolidate both devices into one solution. With the option of attaching or detaching the “click-in” keyboard and prompting the kickstand, this device has endeared itself to the corporate world.


Wacky Wireless News: Control Mobile Device with Your Eyes?

Mar 23rd 2015

Ever wish you didn’t have to use your hands to scroll through a long news report or company email on your phone? It might be too cold outside to remove your hands from the warmth of your pockets, or maybe you’re just too lazy to lift a finger. A company called The Eye Tribe recently unveiled a technology that enables eye control of tablets and smartphones. 

Apple Watch Unveiled for April Launch

Mar 23rd 2015

Apple unveiled details about the long-awaited Apple Watch last month, which is expected to shake up  the wearable device market when it hits stores in April. Apple’s version of the smartwatch is basically a wrist-sized version of the iPhone, and allows users to make and receive calls, read emails and text messages, activate Siri and track fitness goals.


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