Enterprise Docking Station Telephone

Desk Phone With Built-In BT Adapter

Product Description

Enterprise Docking Station Telephone

Phone Labs Enterprise Docking Station Telephone is a full featured desk telephone that pairs to your cell phone and allows you to eliminate your landline expense while maintaining landline desk phone functionality.  Now you can make calls from a traditional desk phone through your cellular network.
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Features and Benefits

Feature: Allows Bluetooth pairing with your cell phone
Benefit: Turns your cell phone into a multi-line desk phone

Feature: Transfer your cell phone's entire address book to the Enterprise desk phone
Benefit: Comfortable and convenient dialing

Feature: Eliminate redundant landline voice service
Benefit: Huge savings on monthly phone bills

Feature: Utilize the audio quality of a full-sized handset, speakerphone for extended calls
Benefit: Reduce fatigue and improve comfort

Feature: Place your cell phone in best reception area and use regular corded or cordless phones to make calls
Benefit: Clear reception and unhindered coverage

Feature: Switch active calls seamlessly from cell phone to desk phone (and vice versa)
Benefit: Improves flexibility while taking calls on-the-go

Feature: Pair up to 8 phones to the Enterprise Docking Station Telephone (only one phone can be connected at a time)
Benefit: Multiple users can utilize the same deskphone but use their own cell phone




All Bluetooth enabled cellphones and standard Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)