Case Study: The High Cost of Broken Devices

Posted on Jun 15th 2016

Your company has invested thousands of dollars into phones and tablets for your team. These devices are essential to your day-to-day business operations. They are doing much of the work that was once handled by computer workstations. But what happens when a device breaks? Unfortunately, millions of people have personal experience with this scenario.

Phone Damage: Not If, But When

If your employees work out in the field, the question is not if you will have to repair cell phone damage, but when. A survey conducted by Motorola revealed that 50% of smartphone users worldwide have previously shattered their phone’s screen, and 30% of users in the US currently have a cracked screen. And usually, the damage happens from relatively minor drops – 50% said their phone simply fell out of their hands*.

The cost of repairing cracked screens or water damage is significant. Apple charges anywhere from $99-$149 to repair a cracked screen, depending on the phone model. If left untreated, broken screens can also lead to more significant damage to the device’s internal components as moisture and dust literally slip through the cracks.

The High Cost of Down Time

In addition to the high monetary cost of repairing phone damage, time is also a factor. For many employees, phones are essential tools for completing job responsibilities. But repairing a broken device can take several business days. During this time, your team will experience decreased efficiency, communication, and even lost business opportunities.

Managing repairs will also require personnel across departments to approve repairs, communicate instructions to the employee, and submit insurance claims and payment information. Often, down time isn’t isolated to a single employee, but rather, several people on your team may need to devote time and resources to fixing broken devices.

Cases Offer a Simple, Cost-Effective Solution

Companies can significantly reduce the risk of broken devices with a simple solution – protective cases. Cellular Accessories For Less can help your business deploy high-quality cases and screen protectors that shield devices from drops, dirt, and even liquids. The actual expense can be alarming when considering the hidden cost of the entire repair process. A single case can save your company thousands of dollars in repairs, time, and potential lost business.

But the benefits of a case and screen protector don’t end there. Phone accessories can add features and enhance the functionality of your devices. Potential benefits include:

  • Maintain resale and trade-in value
  • Increase screen visibility outdoors with anti-glare screen protectors
  • Add a holster or belt-clip for easy access
  • Shield ports from dirt and grime
  • Make devices waterproof for use in the field
  • Add hours of battery life with a charging case
  • Maintain brand consistency with a custom branded case

*Based on an online survey of 6,019 adults worldwide conducted by Motorola.