Be the Master of Presentation in Your Company

Posted on Jul 20th 2017

Take your presentations to new heights and dazzle your audience with ease!

It's the day of your presentation, you've reviewed it front-to-back ad nauseam, and now it's time to dazzle everyone. But, as you're connecting your tablet to the projector you realize things are beginning to look a lot like many of the presentations you've sat through in the past.

This is where the Belkin Tablet Stage comes to your rescue. Imagine the ice breakers when people enter the room and see this thing. It’s an adjustable platform for your tablet, it can capture live images using your tablet's camera, it can pair with a projector, an HDTV or a monitor, and it can fit tablets up to 11-inches wide! This includes all 9.7" iPads and even the new iPad Pro 10.5"!  Notate on your tablet screen and watch it appear on the viewing screen in real time to those watching.* Now all of a sudden your apprehension for giving your presentation is replaced with confidence.

Check out the Belkin Tablet Stage and take your presentations to new heights!


*Requires Belkin Stage app. This offers an interactive whiteboard and document camera. Stage makes it easy to capture images or live video on your tablet, overlay text and labels, highlight key points throughout the presentation, and share your content in real time over AirPlay or a wired connection.