ArmorActive Locking Mounts Protect Your iPad from Theft

Posted on Jul 30th 2013

Companies are increasingly incorporating iPads and tablets into public and POS spaces. Securing these investments is a top priority, as the tablets often contain sensitive business information and can be targets for theft. To secure workplace iPads, we recommend ArmorActive locking enclosures. ArmorActive enclosures are some of the most stylish and secure locking mounts on the market, making them ideal for any retail or office environment.

Common applications of ArmorActive enclosures include:

  • Lobbies
  • Kiosks
  • Hotels
  • Point-of-sale locations
  • Restaurants
  • Anywhere customers or employees interact with your tablets

The ArmorActive Evolve Locking iPad Enclosure is ultra versatile, with interchangeable parts that allow for varying levels of accessibility to the tablet. The Evolve also allows for custom branding.

The ArmorActive Full Metal Jacket Locking iPad Enclosure is the more rugged option, made of heavy-duty steel and aluminum. These materials are durable without impedingWi-Fi, Bluetooth and radio signals. This enclosure covers the iPad’s Home button, so this enclosure is ideal when the use of only one application is required.

Both models can be used in landscape or portrait mode.

ArmorActive locking enclosures allow varying levels of accessibility to these useful workplace tools while protecting them from theft.