Mobile PhoneTools 4.0 USB Data Kit

Part # 98741

Product Description

Mobile PhoneTools 4.0 USB Data Kit

Included Parts
  • Mobile PhoneTools Version 4.0 CD ROM
  • SKN6371 USB data cable with mini-USB connectors
  • SKN6311 USB data cable with LCA/EMU connector

  • Synchronization Featrues: The intuitive synchronization wizard guides you through the process of updating your calendar and phonebook and provides a back up on your computer. It's fast and easy to configure the synchronization between your phone and personal information management software. Choose from Microsoft Outlook 97/98/00/02/03, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes or the provided Mobile PhoneTools phone book and calendar client.
  • Wireless Modem Features*: With your phone acting as the PC modem, you can access the Internet on the go when you need to get things done. Preconfigured data network settings for most major carriers make it quicker than ever to be connected. You can also take control of your email inbox - download and read just the email headers and subject line, then decide if you want to download the full email to read on the run. Use Mobile PhoneTools to send your text messages utilizing your laptop's keyboard for greater speed and simplicity.
  • Media Features*: You can personalize just about everything with the Multimedia Studio. Create and manage ringtones, screensavers, images, audio and video clips. Send messages with a special flair only a photo can add, or even a few video clips. If your phone has camera capabilities, transfer your photos to your computer. New "Use Wizard" for each multimedia module simplifies learning and gets you started quickly.
  • Upgrades Available: If you have already purchased a previous version of Mobile PhoneTools, an upgrade to the latest version of software is available online at at no additional charge.
  • Operation System Requirements: Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP. Please note that Windows 98 and NT 4.0 do not support USB.

    Note: Not all features are available with all phone models. Example: This will allow you to synchorinze contacts with the V3c however the calander and task list are not supported.

    PLEASE NOTE: Phones with microUSB port require SKN6252 adapter (typically included with phone)

    *Network, subscription and SIM card or service provider feature. Not available in all areas or with all phones.