Landline to Cellular Conversion

With Landline to Cellular Conversion products from Phone Labs you can have traditional desk phone comfort without the need for a landline.  Enjoy huge savings by canceling your landline service while maximizing the use of your cellular network.  Below are 3 options to fit your particular needs:

  • Dock-N-Talk  Landline Conversion Adapter - An adapter that allows you to use your favorite multi-line phone on your cellular network.
  • Enterprise Docking Station Telephone - A traditional desk phone that pairs with your cell phone to eliminate landline expense while maintaining multi-line desk phone functionality
  • Unity Docking Station Telephone - Similar to the Enterprise phone, this desk phone pairs with your cell phone via Bluetooth but also allows concurrent use of your landline.  It can add cellular network redundancy to your landline or allow you to utilize two cell phones simultaneously when used with the Dock-N-Talk adapter.

CLICK HERE to see a comparison between the Unity and the Enterprise phone options.

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